Let’s work together! I am always on the lookout for exciting projects & collaborations.

Get in touch for details and rates at hello@dharani.design

Graphic Design

I am available for freelance work, providing graphic design services across a wide range of projects from brand identities, website designs, mobile apps and social adverts, to illustration and editorial.

Feel free to check out my work at dharani.design and behance.

Sponsors & Partnerships

I once read that experiential purchases tend to make us happier, as we revisit those memories more often. People are more likely to remember their first trip over their first pair of boots. In order for a product or service to be kept in its users memories, you need to tell a story that will reach their hearts and make them dream…

So if you’d like to give your product or service a unique dreamy perspective with a happy and colourful vibe, a partnership with DharaniSmiles is a good way to promote it. I love taking photos and reviewing the destinations, activities, products, and whatever I experience on my journeys! I will publish a review and promote it on this blog as well as on social media.


Banner ads are available at a variety of sizes and priced on a monthly basis.
For a better performance of the ads, the actual banner design is included in the rate.

Affiliate Links

By using the links in DharaniSmiles, the affiliate sites know that I referred you. Any items you add to your cart and purchase during the same session will automatically send me a commission on the total sale price. Cost to you: Zero. Benefit to me: I’ll receive a small commission.

Privacy Policy

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