Life has seasons in Ubud

MAY 2017

Life has seasons and we grow through each of them.

Last year this time I had already achieved and experienced so much. I had sailed across the Atlantic Ocean, felt the Caribbean vibes, found true happiness, felt endless freedom. Gone back home, met new people, danced from dark till dawn. Gone crazy. Ran away. Moved back to Sydney, started all over again. Found a new home, made new connections.

And this year seems a fast-forward slow motion; static, ambiguous, volatile, ethereal.

I started 2017 back home in Spain. Being a complete mess, heart-broken, lost, in tears. Came back to Sydney to get up on my feet, to rise up again, to face my weakness, to face my fears. I’ve gained and lost friends, gone out, stayed home, been alone. I’ve freelanced for many companies, struggled through times with no work at all. I’ve had an unforgettable adventure. I’ve laughed, found happiness, felt true bliss. I’ve fallen in and out of love. And I’ve learned to let it flow, to let it go.

But, what have I achieved?
Balance. Self-love. Self-respect.
Emotional Intelligence.

I had to write down these lines to swift from thinking I hadn’t achieved anything, to realize what I’ve gained.

Strength. Depth. Identity. Spirituality.
I’ve gained myself back, whole and complete.